Story, script, locations, casting - this is all pre-production:

Planning Your Film

What to include in your shot list

How To Create a Storyboard 

Storyboard That: storyboard creator

Building Blocks of a Script

Understand a Screenplay

The Use of Costumes to Convey Character Personalities and Roles

The five types of film time

Turn the camera around: 4 steps to telling your own story

22 Rules of Storytelling by a Pixar Storyboard Artist

Camera Techniques

Here are many pro tips to get the best camera shots, angles, and movement:

10 types of camera shots

Camera Angles and Definitions

Basic Camera Shots for Filmmaking

Rule of Thirds: How To Frame Your Subject for Better Shot Composition

7 Basic Camera Movements

Time-lapse basics

The basics of B-roll


If you are making a documentary film, here are some topics to film your interviewees with skill and compassion:

Top 10 Video Interviewing Tips For Documentary Filmmaking

9 Tips for Shooting a Documentary Interview

Donr’s top 10 tips for conducting a sensitive interview

5 Types of Interview Questions all Documentary Production Companies Ask

How to Prepare and Conduct a Documentary Interview

Beyond the Talking Head: A Step-By-Step Guide to Shooting Documentary Interviews

Interview Tips Every Documentary Filmmaker Should Know


Music is an important part of telling a story but a lot of music cannot be used due to copyright. Here are resources to get free music for your film:


​Music resources for your videos

Free Music Archive

How to choose the right music for your video

7 Ways to Use Music to Create Mood and Meaning Onscreen

When silence is better than a soundtrack


Here are ideas and options if you want to include animation:

Animation basics: Homemade special effects

iMovie Stop Motion Tutorial

10 Best stop motion apps for Android & iOS

10 Stop Motion Animation Ideas For Beginners


There are so many editing programs out there - here are some of the the best:

5 Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

Our favorite (free) video editing apps for your iPhone

The 5 best Android video editors

Video file formats 101: containing, decoding, & compressing

Easy ways to upload from your phone

Introducing iMovie

Introducing Windows Movie Maker

We Are Here DIYdoc


Samy's Camera Equipment Rental

KitSplit Camera Equipment Rentals

Echo Park Film Center - Equipment Rentals

Free or low-cost equipment rentals after taking a prerequisite class

Los Angeles Public Library - Octavia Lab

Computer lab with editing software and equipment rentals

The Ultimate Film Grant List

Grants to support filmmaking 



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