Boys and Girls

November 20, 2018














“Go back to the kitchen and

Make me a sandwich”

“Was f***ing a girl and she thought my name was help”

“She’s hot I wanna rape her”

From the mouths of babes come what is so

twisted and

wrong and


about how humans see other humans


Words are words, boys will be boys

Yes these words are words

Treacherous degrading powerful words

That spur thoughts

That prompt beliefs that influence actions

and we speak out


We scream out against gender crises

but we are continuously suppressed and our fearless fire struggles to keep burning

As a wave of these “boys being boys”

Clashes with our vital message

And dims our fed up flame


But god dammit

These boys can’t be excused any longer

F**k “boys will be boys”

Boys will be held accountable for their actions

And because clearly they need us to spell it out for them


We are not here for your amusement.

We are not here for your consumption.

We will not let you demean us anymore

And we will not go make you a sandwich.

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