Change the Talk brings an interactive workshop to schools and youth groups across Los Angeles. The workshop is facilitated by teen Peer Educators and focuses on sexual violence prevention, consent, bystander intervention, and community resources for survivors. 



The Change the Talk workshop is an interactive presentation that is facilitated by teen Peer Educators at high schools and youth groups. The workshop 60 minutes long and educates students about the following topics:

  • What sexual violence is

  • Understanding sexual violence in our society

  • Ways to practice consent

  • How to support survivors

  • How to take action to help end sexual violence

As a result, students are empowered to speak out against rape culture, advocate for consent culture, and make informed decisions about recourse if sexual violence takes place. Register to preview the curriculum here and learn about our impact here.



Contact us to learn more about hosting Change the Talk at your school or youth group. The program is accessible and flexible in order to meet the unique needs of each partner. Change the Talk has two main models of implementation:

1. Our staff will train Peer Educators at your school or youth group to become subject experts and deliver the workshop to their peers. This is an opportunity for students to strengthen leadership skills and gain community service hours.


2. Our staff will coordinate Peer Educators from our currently trained cohort to present the workshop at your school or youth group.

"Not enough people are aware of the repercussions and the frequency sexual violence occurs, and it is so important for that knowledge to be available to everyone in a comfortable setting."

- Emma, Change the Talk Alumna

Photo by Amy Tierney/Thrive Images©

"Change the Talk was an excellent workshop for our high school students. This workshop created a comfortable space to discuss difficult topics, including teaching them the language they should all know when it comes to consent. This workshop is pivotal in giving our kids the knowledge and power to prevent sexual violence."

- Nikki Bender, Counselor, High Tech Los Angeles High School



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